Staff Bus


Sturdy framework

The BharatBenz Staff Bus is perfectly stable, especially during high-speed cornering, thanks to its high frame width and tubless radial tyres.

Unmatched braking

Wearing of brake pads will never be a concern, thanks to the exhaust brakes. This also enables safer braking on the steep gradients. Also, with the Anti-lock braking system, the driver has easy control over the vehicle in case of an emergency stop.

Robust body

With its unique structure, the staff bus has been proven to have immense rollover strength. The low centre of gravity of the aluminique body makes for a topple angle of 42 degrees. Passengers can walk through comfortably on the anti-skid vinyl flooring.


Comfortable seats

Passengers can say goodbye to commuting woes as the BharatBenz Staff Bus is designed exclusively to make the journey a relaxing one. With wide seating and a large bus body to accommodate ample space for gangways, there is no room for any distress.


All BharatBenz Staff Buses are fitted with parabolic leaf spring suspension and finely tuned shock absorbers for a smoother ride.


Longer Service Interval

The BharatBenz Staff Buses are thoughtfully designed and carefully engineered for less maintenance and repairs.

Long-life Brake & Clutch Lining

The brake and clutch lining of the BharatBenz Staff Buses are made using best-in-class components to ensure longevity.

Long-lasting Brakes

BharatBenz Staff Buses are equipped with a thick brake-lining to enhance the life of the brakes.


 914 Staff Bus917 Staff Bus
Engine:4D34i Fuso Platform4D34i Fuso Platform
Gearbox:MO36S6 (6F + 1R)MO36S6 (6F + 1R)
Suspension:Parabolic Suspension at front and rearParabolic Suspension at front and rear
Overall length:9.8 m9.8 m
Overall width:2.35 m2.35 m
Structure:Mild steel understructure with aluminium alloy extrusion subframeMild steel understructure with aluminium alloy extrusion subframe
Seat model:Harita/PinnacleHarita/Pinnacle
Seat capacity:26 + 1 + 1D/ 35 + 1 + 1D/39 + 1 + 1D26 + 1 + 1D/ 35 + 1 + 1D/39 + 1 + 1D
Seat layout:2x1/ 2x22x1/ 2x2
Seat type:Pushback without calf support/ High Head RestPushback without calf support/ High Head Rest