School Bus


Seat belts

To assure maximum safety, the BharatBenz School Bus is provided with individual seat belts to protect children during emergency braking.

Safe Interiors

The interiors of the bus are made of fire-retardant plastic and fabric that helps in effective prevention of fire. As the vinyl flooring is furnished with an anti-skid top layer, children can walk through safely and easily. Furthermore, the emergency exit is strategically located to allow quick evacuations.

Roll Over Strength

The unique structure of BharatBenz School Bus comes with high roll-over strength. The roll over angle of BharatBenz buses is 42 degree as against the standard norm of ARAI of 28 degree.


Comfortable Seats

The wider bus body provides enough space for wider seats and gangways. These wider and deeper seats let children experience a cosy ride.


All BharatBenz School Buses are fitted with parabolic leaf spring suspension and finely tuned shock absorbers for a smoother ride.


Longer Service Intervals

Each BharatBenz School Bus is engineered with best-in-class components to ensure maximum uptime and minimal maintenance.

Clutch Lining

The clutch lining of the BharatBenz School Buses is made with special organic material which improves its longevity.

Long-lasting Brakes

BharatBenz School Buses are equipped with a thick brake-lining to enhance the life of the brakes.


 914 School Bus917 School Bus
Engine:4D34i Fuso Platform4D34i Fuso Platform
Gearbox:MO36S6 (6F + 1R)MO36S6 (6F + 1R)
Suspension:Parabolic Suspension at front and rearParabolic Suspension at front and rear
Overall length:9.8 m9.8 m
Overall width:2.35 m2.35 m
Structure:Mild steel understructure with aluminium alloy extrusion subframeMild steel understructure with aluminium alloy extrusion subframe
Seat model:HaritaHarita
Seat capacity:49 + 1 + 1D/ 39 + 1 + 1D49 + 1 + 1D/ 39 + 1 + 1D
Seat layout:3x2/ 2x23x2/ 2x2
Seat type:Bench Type/ High Head RestBench Type/ High Head Rest