9T Chassis


Unmatched fuel economy & performance

The BharatBenz 9T/9.8-metre Chassis enables you to save on fuel costs, thanks to the highly fuel-efficient engine. The engine also comes loaded with a high-pressure common rail for better fuel mixing and a viscous fan for improved fuel efficiency.

Best-in-class suspension

The parabolic supension decreases the transfer of road undulations, while the optimally tuned shock absorbers provide more ride comfort.

Unmatched Braking

Wearing of brake pads will never be a concern, thanks to the exhaust brakes. This also enables safer braking on the steep gradients. Also, with the Anti-lock braking system, the driver has easy control over the vehicle in case of an emergency stop.


 9T/9.8-metre Chassis
Power:147 hp@ 2500 rpm
Torque:460 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Gearbox:MO36, Synchromesh
Suspension:Parabolic Suspension at front and rear
Overall length:7383mm
Overall width:2350mm